Our tour starts in Rome, with its wealth of historical and religious venues. During an extended stay in Siena the students attend the Saena Iulia Language and Cultural School. Here they can develop their language skills, be a part of local cultural activities related to Siena’s famous Palio and immerse themselves in city life. Day trips to the well known attractions of Florence, Pisa and San Gimignano are added to the visits made by the school to smaller cities and towns like Pienza, Lucca and Monteriggioni. Our final days are in the canal city of Venice.

Italian Immersion Program

Marian College students from Years 9 to 11 have the opportunity to participate in the Marian College biennial Italian Immersion program.

Students travel to Italy for three weeks, visiting sites of social, cultural and religious significance. Students are accompanied by Italian speaking staff and have the opportunity to enhance their use of the Italian language. They will expand their global vision through historical, social and cultural interactions and, exposure to international travel.